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For further information about all
of the School of Music’s community programs, please contact Robin Anderson, Coordinator of Entrepreneurship and Community Programs
140 Fine Arts Building
Columbia, MO 65211-6120
phone: 573-882-2605
fax: 573-884-7444

Community Music @ Mizzou is the go-to place
for community music activities at the University of Missouri. We offer programming tailored for people of all ages, including private lessons, group instruction, opportunities to perform in concert, and a variety of off-campus outreach performance and educational programs designed to enrich the cultural landscape of our region. Our consortium of programs reach well over 500 community members per year, are student-led and faculty-supported, and thus offer high-quality, low-cost opportunities to engage with and enjoy music-making. We are housed within the University of Missouri School of Music, and are a member of the National Guild for Community Arts Educators and the National Association of Schools of Music.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a State leader in the practice, delivery, and development of community music education. We offer a number of opportunities to study music on-campus through private and group music lessons, and summer intensives for piano, band, choir, and string students. These are complemented by active outreach partnerships. Please click on the links below to read more about these programs.

While our community-based initiatives are important for creating a culture around both the practice and enjoyment of music-making, they also offer comprehensive skill-building opportunities for Mizzou students that dovetail with our entrepreneurship and career services offerings.

Information for Prospective Students

Community Music Program (CMP)

The Community Music Program (CMP) is our largest program, which offers one-on-one instruction on a variety of musical instruments to 100+ students of all ages and experience levels. Lessons are offered on a semesterly basis. Motivation and interest are the only entrance requirements!

Missouri String Project (MSP)

The Missouri String Project, founded in 1973, is one of the oldest programs of its kind in the nation. The Project offers 3rd & 4th grade students the opportunity to study the violin, viola or cello in small ensembles, and prepares University music students for their future as public school and private teachers.

Missouri Youth Orchestra Junior Strings (MYO)

The Missouri Youth Orchestra was founded in 2006 to offer young string players a supportive and engaging group environment to further their musical development.  Working closely with the Missouri String Project, the Missouri Youth Orchestra currently offers string orchestra experience for 5th through 8th grade students. 

Experiencing Piano for Kids

Experiencing Piano for Kids is a blended curriculum that joins both group and individual instruction in piano for beginning piano students ages 6-9.

Experiencing Piano for Adults

Experiencing Piano for Adults is the only program at Mizzou that provides introductory group keyboard study for adults. Weekly classes are taught on campus by Mizzou piano majors, and the program is supervised by Dr. Paola Savvidou, Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy. Spring 2014 tuition is $250 for 13 weekly classes.

Experiencing Music Theory for Adults

Experiencing Music Theory for Adults is the only program at Mizzou that provides group music theory study for adults. Our inaugural course will be offered at the Beginning level (meaning no prior music theory study is required) and will be taught by Tim Werts, an experienced music teacher and a member of the Community Music Program instructor roster.

Creating Original Music Project (C.O.M.P.)
C.O.M.P comprises two programs directed at younger composers: a statewide competition that recognizes Missouri students (K-12) who compose original works in a variety of musical styles and the Missouri Summer Composition Institute (or "C.O.M.P. camp"), an exciting opportunity for some of Missouri's young composers to come together for one week of learning and interacting with other creative minds. C.O.M.P. is a program of the Mizzou New Music Initiative, and has been made possible through the generous support of the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation.

Mizzou Summer Music Camps
We offer a variety of summer music camps, including Junior High and Senior High Choir and Band, as well as a Piano Camp, the Esterhazy String Quartet Seminar, and the Missouri Summer Composition Institute (popularly known as the "C.O.M.P. camp").

Hidgay Mozart Outreach Concert Series
The inaugural 2012-13 season of the Higday Mozart Outreach Concert Series, founded and generously supported by the Higday Mozart Trust, brought more than a dozen concerts featuring music of the great composers to young audiences at Rock Bridge Elementary, Lee Elementary, Lange Middle, Shephard Elementary, Blue Ridge Elementary, Windsor Montessori, Grant Elementary, Two Mile Prairie, and Hickman High School, Parkade Elementary, Smithton Middle School, Rock Bridge High School, Columbia Independent School, Christian Fellowship, Centro Afterschool Program, and the Moving Ahead Program. For more information on 2013-14 concerts please email our Program Coordinator, at

“We Always Swing” Jazz Series Outreach Partnership
This new partnership placed some of Mizzou’s top jazz students in Boone Hospital and Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary for a series of six educational performances in Spring 2012, under the auspices of the “We Always Swing” Jazz Series.

Information for Mizzou Students

Community Music @ Mizzou is developing into the primary laboratory wherein Mizzou music students earn pre-professional training as private music instructors and performers. Additional opportunities may soon be available for developing experience as administrators and arts advocates. Working with each of the programs listed above offers hands-on opportunities to engage with the community, and are are complemented by a new set of entrepreneurship workshops, web resources, and classes to foster comprehensive career visioning, skill building, and networking. If you are a Mizzou music student interested in learning more about how to get involved, please contact Robin Anderson or visit our new Music Entrepreneurship page.

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